LDPi Live

We as Designers are transitioning towards a new world based upon ‘smart cities’ and ‘technologies of the future’.

As part of this transition, LDPi have recently introduced an event and media lighting specialist to the company as part of a unique design collaboration. This collaboration is set to establish the opportunities for media insertion within future design projects, as well as exploring the connectivity between ‘architectural’ and ‘event’ lighting within these two comparable lighting design sectors.

Our event lighting representative has more than 14 years’ experience as a Lighting Designer, Director and Programmer; touring with world renowned artists within the music industry. Most recently working with The 1975, Shania Twain, Jamie XX, The XX, Kid Cudi and Björk. He has extensive knowledge in 3D modelling, programming and lighting control management. Along with a good commercial understanding of lighting equipment costs for both purchase or hire. His many years’ experience in the industry has allowed him to grow a recognisable portfolio within many creative industries including stage, theatre and festival lighting.

This partnership is set to merge industries and expand vision.