Michael Schumacher World Tower

Location: Gurgaon, India

Client: Homestead

Category: Architectural

Surface: 32,790 m sq

Design Team: UHA London

LDP International are working closely with UHA, London on the Michael Schumacher World Tower, Gurgaon which has been designed to emulate the aerodynamic modeling of a racing car. Wrapped in a metallic ribbon reminiscent of the curves and chicanes of a race track, this is a signature project for UHA. It was important that the façade lighting solution was intrinsic with the seamless nature of the architecture.

LDP International have created a lighting scheme which ensures the night time composition is respectful of the architecture. Inspiration was taken from light and speed trails. Strong graphic lines and the signature ‘S’ emphasize the flow throughout the site in a strong white dynamic light encouraging circulation.

Surface mounted beacon fixtures then disperse across the Towers’ floor edges expressing the movement reminiscent of light trails. The base of the Helipad viewed from the sky lounge deck is draped in light whilst also offering a canvas to create projection.

Throughout the landscape linear sources are integrated within the paving pattern aiding the organic ebb & flow established from the race track aesthetic.’