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Bahrain World Trade Centre

LDPi were appointed to design a lighting scheme for the exterior, landscape and interior public spaces of the Bahrain World Trade Centre. The new buildings consisted of twin office towers with a prominent coastal location with views of the Arabian Gulf. The towers podium consists of a shopping mall and car parking accommodation. The iconic towers are bridged together with wind turbines, becoming the first large-scale architectural project integrating wind turbines to generate electricity for the building.

Accent and graphic lighting techniques provide a mix of subtle and sympathetic lighting to enhance the elliptical, sail like from of the towers allowing for elements of light and shade. The lighting design pronounces the verticality of the towers and grounds the base of the podium.

The project was winner of Best Use of Lighting – Exterior Category at the PALME Middle East Awards 2010.

World Expo 2017

LDPi provided site-wide architectural and interior lighting design for World Expo 2017, Astana. With the theme ‘Future Energy’ lighting proposals within the 18 hectare site were developed to be energy conscious and integrating future usage and transition post-expo.

The 80m diameter Sphere is the epicentre of the Expo site and features LEDs contained on and within glazing mullions with augmentation of mesh for special events.

The energy hall, which spans from the sphere features an impressive auditorium which was designed to become a performance in itself, even when not active for events. LDPi worked closely with the AS + GG to design the interior façade, which via control of movement and colour has become a permanent light art installation.

The large scale Masterplan is a legacy project for the Kazakhstan capital.

Clerkenwell Cooperage

LDPi worked closely with Chris Dyson Architects and Client to develop lighting design for this truly unique, former brewery cooperage in Clerkenwell. Featuring a triple height open plan lounge area with skylight, the project presented challenges balancing both natural and artificial light, and utilising luminaires which could deliver technically however with an aesthetic suited to the materials of the interior palette. The lighting element is very much seen as a visual expression of the interior in day lit conditions as per its functionality and unraveling of space and form in the artificially lit condition.

Industrial aesthetic was adopted for specification and containment / support of decorative lighting, as can be seen in the dining area where traditional chandelier is dropped from a specially designed suspension mechanism under a skylight condition.

The overall lit effect sets a scene of industrial warmth commensurate with both setting and usage as unique residence in the heart of the City. A composed welcoming oasis grounded in the history of its environment.


Located at Nizwa, the crossroads of Oman, the new Renaissance Museum Project is a cultural and educational hallmark for all Omanis and all visitors to Oman.

The legacy project of the late Sultan Qaboos has delivered one of the strongest ever statement pieces of architecture in the Middle East.

LDPi were appointed at the outset Cox Architecture from Australia and have curated and crafted a lighting story and journey embedded in the grain of the architectural philosophy.

The teams from Cox and LDPi worked alongside each other in a united narrative to deliver a holistic solution to an outstanding piece of architecture and form.

Shangri-La’s Barr Al Jissah Resort

The lighting design of the Barr Al Jissah is a comprehensive lighting solution for all exterior and interior public spaces of the 5 star resort and spa. The design is sympathetic to the natural environment and meets the demands of a luxury resort. It combines local cultural elements with luxurious interplay of light and materials. It was an exciting task continually balancing the old and new, translated using the language of modern lighting technology.

The exterior lighting visually ties the three hotels and landscape together while each hotel retains its unique design and atmosphere for their specific function and clientele. Bespoke lighting solutions such as the large fibre and crystal chandelier were achieved by close collaboration with manufacturers.

The project was winner of the Hospitality & Leisure category and also overall winner as Middle East Project of the Year at the MELDA Lighting Design Awards in 2007.

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